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  • Gourmet Cat Treat
  • Excellent Training Tool
  • Reward for Good behavior
  • Appetite Stimulant
  • Medicinal Aide

“The Original” and still the “Most Preferred” 100% Natural High-Protein Bonito Flake Fish Treat!


Bonita (a schooling fish of the tuna and mackerel family) is carved into long, paper thin, wispy shavings or flakes and possesses a strong, enticing aroma. During and after processing, nothing is added to compromise the purity of the fish. It contains absolutely No Additives, Preservatives or By-Products and is 78% protein, 4% ash, 0.95% magnesium and it is also an excellent source of taurine (39%). Cats are often unable to synthesize essential nutrients, such as the amino acid taurine from plant matter. Taurine is used in body growth and tissue repair. Ash and magnesium are both minerals used in the body that are important for bone and tooth structure and helps to decrease damage to kidneys, and prevent urinary tract diseases. Freeze-dried fish has a naturally abrasive texture which helps remove plaque and food debris.

Our supplier has their own private brand of products which originally filled a demand here in the Japanese market. They are celebrating over 100 years as one of the oldest and most experienced importer, wholesaler and distributor of Asian food products in North America. Used extensively in Japanese cuisine and because it is made for human consumption, it passes the most stringent US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) standards making this product one of the safest treats available for cats and dogs.

With growing public concerns on health and safety issues in the food industry and the recent pet food recalls, our focus and priority is to take every step possible and necessary to reduce the risk of an unsafe product being distributed into the food chain. We pride ourselves in our quality assurance and a Safe Seafood HACCP Program is continually maintained to insure our customers receive the highest quality and safest product in the industry today.

While Kitty Kaviar™ is the Original, there are other bonito flakes now available. However, we know it is the quality of the product and our UV light-protective packaging that sets our product apart from the rest and continues to assure our customers the largest, pinkest bonito flakes to be as fresh as the day they were packaged and shipped.

packagingWe package our bonito flakes in an eye-catching brightly colored ½ oz can or 1 oz can (with re-sealable lid), that also protects and prevents damage to the product during shipping and handling. In these times however, we can all use a bit of a break, so of course you will find a cost savings by purchasing more volume. We now offer an 80 gram (2.82 oz) light-protected, re-sealable foil plastic bag which also makes for easy storage in the refrigerator.

We understand once your pet gets a taste of (or addiction to) this most delicious treat, it doesn’t stay around for long. In an effort though, to deliver the freshest product, we now include an oxygen sensor packet in every package. Our research found that once activated during packaging, the packet absorbs the excess oxygen out of the package and allows us to guarantee the product will retain its’ original freshness while on the shelf. Refrigeration is still not necessary, but our research found (like most food products) it is beneficial in extending the life of the product.

powerFor years we’ve been asked if we offered a healthy treat for dogs too. While we found most dogs love the flavor of the bonito as much as cats, the flakes would blow around when they tried to “bite” them out of their bowl. We are now pleased to offer a treat developed and manufactured especially for dogs. We’ve taken the same the sifted product from the manufacturing of our cat treat, and without any additives we’ve process the product into ¼ – ½” size pellets.

power2The pellets make an excellent training tool as well as an all-natural, high-protein treat that’s healthy. They are also the perfect size for the new treat-dispensing toys on the market!





Since introducing PUPPY POWER Pellets for the first time last year at the HH Backer Industry Trade Show, the response has been tremendous. One of the most exciting reactions was from the handler of Rin Tin Tin. The first day while his handler was visiting with the vendors and posing for pictures, she came by our booth and we gave her a sample can. Later that day, we noticed his handler was using, what looked like our pellets, to reward him for each of the 26 tricks he performed during the show. She came by our booth the following day and we asked if she had been using the pellets. She said she was and not only did she like that it is healthy, but she was also impressed how easy they were to handle and it wasn’t so much that he would be filled up while performing.

As you can imagine, she probably had 100+ treats to choose from at the show so we we’re ecstatic to hear how much her handler liked it as well as many of the other “show attendee samplers”.



If you haven’t tried our “apPETizer™” we want to let you know about another addiction, I mean addition! We use the same bonito flakes, only they are finely ground and packaged in an easy to sprinkle container. Perfect for those finicky pets (cats, dogs, even birds love it too), aging pets who maybe don’t have the same appetite anymore or particularly a pet that is convalescing. It is an excellent appetite stimulant to add to their regular meal to “season” it and a nutritious healthy addition to their diet.