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About Us

In loving memory of Todd Wayne Myrick, Founder.

December 9, 1960 – May 21, 2006


Todd had a vision in 1995 when his cat was first introduced to dried bonito flakes and went crazy for it. He thought other cats might enjoy the treat as well and after much research and market testing, he developed the one and only original Kitty Kaviarâ„¢.

Todd had a “keep it simple” business philosophy, “be honest, be fair and never compromise quality”, the Golden Rule by which he lived by until his life was cut tragically short in an accident.

In loving memory of her son and his brother, Jean and Troy continue the business with the same philosophy and desire to provide the best product and customer service in the industry today. Todd enjoyed fishing, traveling and living life to the fullest. He is greatly missed by his family, loyal long time friends and all the amazing people he met through his business adventures and will remain in the hearts of many.

Todd (above) proud of the 46 pound
white sea bass he caught August 16, 2005